I want to be an idea 

When your world is falling apart, that’s when you will find out who’s there for you and who isn’t. Moments like these will always damage us, they will sign us for life. But that’s learning. It’s about falling but getting up again. Of course finding out the hard way hurts, but I honestly think it’s the best way to find out. Because we will remember. We will always remember that time, that somebody did us wrong. Maybe we will remember the pain it caused us, but we will mostly remember the lesson out of it. 

The past few weeks learned me a lot. They learned me that people won’t change. Of course they will try, or say that they will, but don’t even get your hopes up. Because they don’t, they just are who they are. And if I’m honest, we shouldn’t want to change the people around us. If you don’t like something about someone you have to deal with it or forget about them. It all shouldn’t be so hard, even though it sometimes can be. Things can and will be hard. We sometimes have to take steps we rather not take, but do we really have a choice? Maybe we do, maybe we don’t. I’m not sure. The only choice I feel like having in my life is; does it make me happy or not? The answer will show me what to do. 

We can make life as hard as we want, while it really isn’t. Sometimes thinking black and white has it down sides, but sometimes it’s a good way to think. We shouldn’t make it so hard for ourselfs. I now live for the day. I will see what it brings, because life really is too short to waste it with bad thoughts. And of course there will be darker days. They actually aren’t so bad. They teach us that we sometimes need to slow down, think about things and be grateful for everything. 

Writing this won’t make me writer of the year. But that’s not what I want to achieve. I don’t want to be an icon, I want to be an idea. I want to represent an idea. I want to be the one who gives you an idea. I want to give you that little light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. I want to give you the wishdom that I have now; my experience. I hope my thoughts, my way of seeing things in life can help you in some way.

💋’s Denise.  


5 thoughts on “I want to be an idea ”

  1. Not dwelling on bad thoughts is a good thing.

    Some people do change; others don’t.

    Don’t only be an idea, be a candle that burns brightly trying to make the darkness in someone’s world much less dark.

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  2. Echt super mooi dit! Ik geloof er alleen wel in dat je veranderen kunt: Als iemands wereld in elkaar stort en diegene beseft dat die het niet goed heeft gedaan, dan kan diegene beseffen dat hij/zij het ook anders kan. Alleen pas als die gene genoeg besef heeft. Ook al is t misschien niet op de manier hoe je het besef zelf zou willen krijgen, ook al moet je iemand waarvan je houdt er door verliezen, soms zijn dat juist de manieren om er achter te komen dat je nooit meer die fouten wil maken. 💋

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    1. Jaa daar geef ik je wel gelijk in. Ik denk ergens wel dat mensen ook wel kunnen veranderen, het is alleen jammer dat ik dat zelf nog niet heb mogen mee maken in mijn omgeving. En ik denk ook dat mensen diep van binnen, in de kern van hun lichaam niet kunnen veranderen, maar dat zou je natuurlijk ook niet moeten willen. Bedankt voor het lezen! ✨

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