At this moment. 

If you have read my blog from the start, you know that fashion is one of my biggest interests. I’ve always find it inspiring to see how young fashion designers handle their business. That’s what this post is about. 

One of my biggest inspirations at the moment is Josh V. I think her clothes are gorgeous with a classy look just like her accessories. I’m going to wear one of her dresses on my birthday and I can’t wait! She also seems like a really kind person. I watch her video’s on YouTube and I enjoy them every time!  
Of course their are many more designers out there that I love, but Josh V is one sample at the moment that I find really inspiring. Especially since I want to have my own fashion lable. Books, magazines and the internet are my biggest inspiration at the moment.

The past week I’ve been pretty bussy creating some designs, thinking about what I want and planning my future. I’ve been looking for inspiration everywhere and I hope I will create something beautiful soon! I’m really trying to though. I will keep you up to date of course.  

As you may noticed, there is a new menu item now: My inspiration. I will post about everything that inspires me. I hope you enjoyed reading this. This journey will be continued! 

💋’s Denise. 


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