What’s in my bag?

To start off with the bag, I currently use one from Zara. I bought this just recently because I needed a new bag. The bag is in a broken white color, with some black and red details, which is great because black and red are my favorite colors. It also comes with an extra handle that you can take off, it’s in a really dark navy blue color, you don’t see that on the picture. I love the design of this bag, it’s different than all my other bags and perfect for spring/summer. I also like the pop of color in it, it makes it less boring. 

Now on to everything I take with me. There are obviously some standard things like my iPhone, my wallet, my passport and my keys. What I also like to take with me is my makeup bag. There is not much in it because I don’t need much but most of the time I take some makeup wipes, mascara and cocealer with me and I take my contacts with me. I also like to bring a phone charger and some headphones. The other things I bring with me are most of the times a nice parfume (in this case my Vespa parfume), deodorant, my iPad and my Ray Ban sunglasses. 

But that’s not all. I also really like to bring some snacks with me, because you never know when you get hungry right? At least I don’t, and when I need to be somewhere fast it’s nice to have some food on you. I really like to take some sesame crisp flakes with me. I also like to pick up some Starbucks from the grocery store, I mean it’s always nice to have an iced coffee shot. And of course I can’t forget to bring some peppermint with me, the one I like are Altoids Smalls. A Lint Roller is always nice to have with you, just to clean up your clothes if you need to. And I think that’s about it. 

💋’s Denise. 


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