What’s my favorite jewelry? 

I talked about my favorite/must-have makeup, so why not about my jewelry too? I don’t know if this is interesting but I like to share some of my favorite jewelry. To start off, I don’t wear too much jewelry. On a daily base, I only wear my ring and sometimes my matching earrings. 

My ring is from the brand Buddha to Buddha. Buddha to Buddha is a brand from Amsterdam. They make silver, timeless jewelry and it’s not too over priced. I don’t have to much to say about the brand. On to my ring. I got my ring from my parents when I graduated, so it has a meaning to me. And I don’t ever take it off. My earrings are from the same brand. I bought them for myself, last Christmas. On the picture you can see them. 

They both came in a leather case, which is very useful to keep your jewelry beautiful. The best part about these, is that you can pair them with everything. You can wear them in your day-to-day life,  when you’re going out or both of course. 

💋’s Denise. 


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