What are my must-have beauty products?

Good question. I really like makeup, just not too much. I like to go as natural as possible. Sometimes when I like to go for a little bit more I’ll do a cat-eye or a smokey-eye, with natural colors of course. But I definitely like to go with as minimum as possible, so whenever I have to run out or something I won’t have to worry about my makeup. 

The makeup I put on day-to-day is very minimum, a little bit foundation when I need it, some mascara and I like to do my eyebrows. Sometimes I put on a little bit of eyeshadow from my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, and my Mac lipstick. And for my nails I like to keep it natural most of the times, but I do like a good black color from time to time. But I really like to have makeup, just for fun. Sometimes to create a punched up look, and for parties or a night out of course. And how can somebody recist all those beautiful products out there? 

The picture shows most of my favorites. The foundation I use during the cold seasons is from Mac, in the warmer seasons I like to go for a bb cream with spf in it. I also have a Mac lipstick in the color Velvet Teddy, which I love. I have a Chanel powder foundation and a nailpolish, the nailpolish is in the color Balerina. I also have the Urban Decay Naked Basics eyeshadow palette. I use a Rimmel London mascara and the lipstick next to it is from Loréal Paris, it’s Blake’s ultimate red. 

💋’s Denise. 


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